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August 3, 2018

The Ideosync podcast page features several audio programmes (broadcast and non-broadcast) produced by Ideosync on a variety of issues ranging from migration to health, lifeskills, democracy, and active citizenship.

Currently, the following programmes are available on our podcast site:

1. Khanabadoshon Ki Duniya: Khanabadoshon Ki Duniya) is a 10 episode short series produced by Ideosync for UNESCO's Gender, Youth & Migration (GYM) programme.The series talks about the extremely important role that migrants and migrant communities play in the economic, social and cultural life of a city (2017)

2. Jab Chale Sheher Ki Ore ("A Journey to the City"): Jab Chale Sheher Ki Ore is a radio magazine series on migration and HIV risk reduction produced by Ideosync Media Combine with support from the Ford Foundation, and in partnership with Equal Access. It was broadcast between May 2007 and April 2008 on the FM Gold channels of the Indian public broadcaster, All India Radio, in Delhi and Mumbai, and the AIR Medium Wave station at Najibabad. The program includes a radio serial drama, 'Sheher Ki Ore' , that tells the stories of three migrants and their families. (2006 - 2008)

3. Nayee Dishaa ("New Directions"): Nayee Dishaa is a radio series on HIV awareness and safe migration. It was produced as part of the 'Nayee Disha HIV and migration' initiative, supported by the American India Foundation (AIF); and was broadcast on All India Radio's FM Rainbow channel (in Delhi & Mumbai) and AIR MW (Najibabad) between February 2009 and March 2010. Presented in a radio magazine format, the programme builds awareness on HIV, and how to protect oneself from the infection, even as it discusses the vulnerabilities that migrants face as they move within unfamiliar social structures and geographies. (2007 - 2009)

4. Sara Jahaan Hamaara ("Our World, Our Choices"): Sara Jahan Hamara is a fifteen episode edutainment programme that speaks to young people (ages 12-18) about vocational opportunities and how to achieve their career goals. Each episode focuses on a different vocational option, and speaks both to young people who have started business or are working in that field; and to institutions which provide training in that vocation. In particular, the series addresses the needs and questions of students who may not be able to continue their academic studies past the elementary level. (2011-2012)


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