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August 3, 2018

The Ideosync podcast page features several audio programmes (broadcast and non-broadcast) produced by Ideosync on a variety of issues ranging from migration to health, life skills, democracy, and active citizenship.

Currently, the following programmes are available on our podcast site:

1.  Jab Chale Sheher Ki Ore  ("A Journey to the City") (2006 - 2008): Jab Chale Sheher Ki Ore is a radio magazine series on migration and HIV risk reduction produced by Ideosync Media Combine with support from the Ford Foundation, and in partnership with Equal Access. It was broadcast between May 2007 and April 2008 on the FM Gold channels of the Indian public broadcaster, All India Radio, in Delhi and Mumbai, and the AIR Medium Wave station at Najibabad. The program includes a radio serial drama, 'Sheher Ki Ore' , that tells the stories of three migrants and their families.

Credits: Series Creative Design, Script & Direction: N. Ramakrishnan & Venu Arora; Associate Directors: Anisha Gupta, Heena Yusuf ; Editor: Naba Kishore Sarangi ; Presenters; Naeem Akhtar, Chandrashekhar; Dialogue: Manish Bhati ; Music: Vishal Singh. Community Reporters: Delhi and National Capital Region; Kamlesh Rawat, Anita Negi, Lalit Singh; Mumbai, Maharashtra; Shaila Chintamani Tiwari, Subhash Chandra Bahuguna,Rajni Pant; Chamba, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand; Darmiyan Singh Rana, Aarti Bisht, Neelam Pundir, Ravi Gusain, Kalpana Rawat, Preeti Devliyal; Bhajan, Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand; Manvendra Singh Negi, Harendra Kothiyal, Devi Lal Bharti, Poonam Rawat, Rajendra Singh Negi.

A special thanks to Henval Vaani Samudayik Radio and Mandakini ki Awaaz Samudayik Radio for their continued partnership with Ideosync to develop and disseminate relevant and community derived content and programming.

2. Nayee Dishaa ("New Directions") (2007 - 2009): Nayee Dishaa is a radio series on HIV awareness and safe migration. It was produced as part of the 'Nayee Disha HIV and migration' initiative, supported by the American India Foundation (AIF); and was broadcast on All India Radio's FM Rainbow channel (in Delhi & Mumbai) and AIR MW (Najibabad) between February 2009 and March 2010. Presented in a radio magazine format, the programme builds awareness on HIV, and how to protect oneself from the infection, and it discusses the vulnerabilities that migrants face as they move within unfamiliar social structures and geographies.

Credits: Series Creative Design, Script & Direction: N. Ramakrishnan & Venu Arora; Editing: Naba Kishore Sarangi; Production Assistants: Savita Mittal, Harsh Vardhan; Presenters: Naeem Akhter & Praveen Kumar; Dialogue for Drama: Manish Bhati; Music: Vishal Singh.

3. Sara Jahaan Hamaara ("Our World, Our Choices") (2011-2012): Sara Jahan Hamara is a fifteen episode edutainment programme that speaks to young people (ages 12-18) about vocational opportunities and how to achieve their career goals. Each episode focuses on a different vocational option, and speaks both to young people who have started business or are working in that field; and to institutions which provide training in that vocation. In particular, the series addresses the needs and questions of students who may not be able to continue their academic studies past the elementary level.

4. Hum Se Hai Desh  (2014-2016) (“We are the Nation”) is a 26-episode radio magazine programme in Hindi, produced by Ideosync Media Combine under its UN Democracy Fund (UNDEF). The program discusses issues around democracy, rights, active citizenship and the Right To Information (RTI). It was broadcast on All India Radio’s Delhi FM Rainbow Station; and the Vividh Bharti (MW) Kanpur, Bhopal and Jaipur stations between April and July 2016.Built around a dramatic satire that presents a fictional animal kingdom, Bulbulbagh- and its experiments with Democracy- the programme is an audio magazine show with a primary radio drama series along with  interviews of  prominent activists and thinkers in the field of human rights, accountability, transparency, citizen’s participation, freedom of expression and media freedoms.

Credits: Series Creative Design, Script & Direction: N. Ramakrishnan & Venu Arora; Dialogue for Drama: Prakriti Kargeti; Title Music- Vasu Dixit ; Background Music: JayantProduction Coordination- Savita Mittal, Series ; Editor: Mahendra Singh 

5. Khanabadoshon Ki Duniya  (2017) This is a 10 episode short series produced by Ideosync for UNESCO's Gender, Youth & Migration (GYM) programme.The series talks about the extremely important role that migrants and migrant communities play in the economic, social and cultural life of a city. 

6. Adrishya: Antariksh Me Khoj Loktantra Ki  (Adrishya: A Space Quest For Democracy 2020- 2021) is a 20 episode series on Digital Media and Information Literacy (DMIL). In this science fiction drama based in space planet Mars has been affected by a mysterious disease and surviving cyborgs find shelter in a barren planet Adrishya. They get a chance to establish a social and political system. Through out the plot cyborgs face several challenges that resonate with critical issues being faced in the world today - freedom of expression and independent media, rising corporate ownership of media and technologies, use of data for profit and surveillance and rise in misinformation and disinformation. Characters such as Dadi Shwet, Lo Kesh and Kia Mallah through their trials and tribulations allow the listener to engage with these critical concepts thoughtfully and with compassion. 

The information has been adapted from UNESCO's MIL curriculum. The drama is produced in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam and has been broadcast on partner Community Radio stations across India. The drama series is a part of Ideosync Media Combine's initiative on Digital Media and Information Literacy.

Credits: Commissioning Editors: Venu Arora & N. Ramakrishnan, Storyboard and Direction: Venu Arora, Story and Dialogue Script: Neelu Singh, Research: Niharika Singh, Production Design and editing: Naba Kishore Sarangi, Podcast cover: Nazneen Sheikh.

7. Free/Dem Community Podcast  (2019- ongoing) is the online avatar of the Free/dem WhatsApp Radio run by women and girls  from urban margins of Delhi.   The shows are built around ideas of gender equity, love, freedom of expression, human rights and justice. Through the podcasts community members discuss and share their lived realities. The Free/Dem Community Podcasts  are produced under Ideosync's FREE/DEM initiative, which provides marginalized communities - especially women and migrants - a platform to amplify their narratives and stories using audio and video.

There are currently seven community podcast series: : 

Zyada Bolne Wali Aurtein (Women Who Talk Too Much) is a show about women and by women. It showcases their desires and dreams, questioning the limits imposed on them by society -  and explores what gender equality and freedom means to them.

Azad Lab (Free To Speak) is a show which discusses issues that are often sidelined by the  mainstream but are  a cause for much anxiety for young people; Topics include  puberty, masculinity, caste, marriage, love, democracy, freedoms  etc.

Babli Ka Show (Babli’s show) is a show with stories, songs and poetry. It is a space for the community to express creatively through audio art. 

Zaroori Jaankari (Important Information) This show is designed to  disseminate information that is of immediate relevance to community members. Information is based on local digital needs, government policies, health related needs, educational needs etc. 

Love Is Part Of Life is a show about love and relationships. 

Corona Special_Stories from the ground is a show that curates a series of stories from the ground during the 2020-21 pandemic lock down in India. 

Mohalle Ki Baatein (matters from street) is a show which brings day-to-day stories from the community with an aim to keep the community members updated. This includes motivational stories, new opportunities etc. 


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