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Adrishya: Antariksh Me Khoj Loktantra Ki_Ep 15

July 19, 2022

Adrishya is a 20 episode series on Digital Media and Information Literacy (DMIL) produced in 2021. The science fiction drama is based in space where planet Mars has been affected by a mysterious disease and surviving cyborgs find shelter in a barren planet ‘Adrishya.’ They get a chance to establish a social and political system.

Each episode of the Adrishya drama series  is designed to address an important MIL issue. The 15 mins drama is followed by a 10 mins interactive discussion.

EPISODE 15: Algorithms

This episode breaks down the basics of algorithm based web navigation. It brings in questions including how social media feeds are curated and what is micro targeting? 

The series is part of Ideosync’s  ‘On Air and Fact Checked’ Initiative where over 20 partner Community Radio stations participated in broadcasting interactive Fact Checking and Media Information and Literacy content after intensive training and collaboration. 

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