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FREE/DEM Community Podcast: Babli Ka Show Ep 7_Saath ke wo din! Apne school ki yaadein.

April 27, 2022

Babli Ka Show (Babli’s show) is a show with stories, songs and poetry. It is a space for the community to express creatively through audio art. Episode producer Nandini is a class 12th student who lives at Tajpur Pahari in Badarpur. She is a chirpy person who likes to share stories.


Episode 7: Saath ke wo din! Apne school ki yaadein.

"Shuruati LKG class me mile the, sabhi naye naye aur masoom hi dikh rahe the; Lekin jaise jaise samay beeta aur kaksha badhi sabhi apna asli roop saamne laane me peeche nahi hate."

Episode producer Nandini reminisces her school days, good and bad memories and shares about her the hardship of leaving the place she has spent her thirteen years in. 


Babli Ka Showis one of 6 shows produced as part of the Free/Dem Community Podcasts, the online avatar of the Free/Dem WhatsApp Radio run by women and girls  from urban margins of Delhi.   The shows are built around ideas of gender equity, love, freedom of expression, human rights and justice. Through the podcasts community members discuss and share their lived realities. The Free/Dem Community Podcasts  are produced under Ideosync's Free/Dem initiative, which provides marginalized communities - especially women and migrants - a platform to amplify their narratives and stories using audio and video.




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