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FREE/DEM Community Podcast: Zyada Bolne Wali Aurtein Ep12_ Importance Of Education In A Girl’s Life.

July 21, 2022

Zyada Bolne Wali Aurtein (Women Who Talk Too Much) is a show about women and by women. It showcases their desires and dreams, questioning the limits imposed on them by society -  and explores what gender equality and freedom means. Episode Producer Ranju (name changed) is a young woman pursuing graduation from Delhi University. She is an ambitious woman who likes to sing and dance out of passion.

Episode 12: Importance Of Education In A Girl's Life.

"I feel lucky that no matter my situation I did not drop out of education."

Host Ranju shares her opinion on why girls should be educated through incidents from her life. She also shares ways she thinks is important in this direction.                                                                                                    

Zyada Bolne Wali Aurtein is one of 7 shows produced as part of the Free/Dem Community Podcasts, the online avatar of the Free/dem WhatsApp Radio run by community members of Tajpur Pahari and other urban slums in and around Delhi. The shows are built around ideas of gender equity, love, freedom of expression, human rights and justice. Through the podcasts community members discuss as well as share their lived realities. They are produced under Ideosync's FREE/DEM initiative, which provides marginalized communities - especially women and migrants - a platform to amplify their narratives and stories using audio and video.

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